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 Perspectives: Lord Monckton and the "Global Climate Scam"

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Perspectives: Lord Monckton and the "Global Climate Scam" Empty
PostSubject: Perspectives: Lord Monckton and the "Global Climate Scam"   Perspectives: Lord Monckton and the "Global Climate Scam" Icon_minitimeThu Sep 29, 2011 7:58 pm

The British Lord Christopher Monckton criticizes the global warming movement in his clip on globalclimatescam.com. Moreover, he claims global warming to be a scam that is meant to overwrite the constitution and cease national sovereignty by the means of the Kyoto Protocol. His followers go as far as suggesting that a one-world-government is in the making. While he asserts that the global warming threat plays on people’s fears, Lord Christopher Monckton is not shy to prey on peoples fears either. Mentioning the preservation of the constitution will motivate nearly every American to listen and act.

Monckton fails to mention however, that there is no constitutional right that concerns itself with green house emissions, thus, it could not be overwritten. Nor would the Kyoto Protocol be an imposed regulation or law from an external entity. The global movement towards lowering overall greenhouse emissions is a voluntary movement; no country is forced to cooperate. If a country chooses to join the cause of preserving the environment and obeys the proposed regulations, it will take an active part in establishing said regulations.
Further, Lord Monckton mentions the transfer of wealth from the West to the East. Western high income nations are meant to carry the weight of global greenhouse emissions until less developed countries can sustain an economical change to green. Certainly, it is not surprising that a right wing republican cares to protect his wealth; wealth that has been accumulated by the fossil fueled economy and exploitation of others. While the argument that high income nations do not wish to pay for low income nations’ greenhouse emissions has become redundant, it neglects to mention that a great deal of the production in high income nations has been outsourced to cheaper developmental countries. Their emissions are high because they produce the goods that are consumed in the West. And still, the US ranks second place for global greenhouse emissions.

Although conservatives do not necessarily oppose the preservation of the environment, the ideology behind environmental liberation poses a threat to conservative capitalistic thinking. Environmental liberation acknowledges the equality of all life forms, placing none above the other, deeming none more important than the other. Individualist conservatism in contrast promotes individual excellence, allowing one to outdo another based on the principle, “survival of the fittest”. Exploitation then, is not only condoned, it is rewarded; the oil industry for example, which drains our natural resources at an impeccable pace, flourishes and fills the pockets of those that have invested. Environmental liberation in contrast, opposes the exploitation of our environment placing the benefit of all above individual goals.
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Perspectives: Lord Monckton and the "Global Climate Scam"
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