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 Un-Occupy Wall Street

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Un-Occupy Wall Street Empty
PostSubject: Un-Occupy Wall Street   Un-Occupy Wall Street Icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 12:10 pm

This thread is not for discussion; I simply post it to collect different viewpoints on the matter for reference purposes. You are welcome to create your own threads in response to articles you find here.

Quote :

To Occupy And Unoccupy

“This is a war that’s been going on since the invasion of North America.”
- Rev. Pedro Pietri

With the ongoing Occupation movement on Wall Street and the growing occupation movements going on around the US, this is just a reminder that some of us have been dealing with occupation for centuries now. Although we support the ideas behind Occupy Wall Street and the other Occupation movements we want those who have chosen to use the terminology of “Occupation” to be aware of the hidden and unrecognized history behind that word when it comes to non-white peoples.
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Time to (un)Occupy Wall Street

The Wall Street protesters who have camped out downtown for almost three weeks have some very good points. They wonder how the banks could have been bailed out by the government only to now pay the very same executives who virtually bankrupted the economy millions in bonuses. People question why the government also bailed out the car companies and continue to allow the oil companies to make billions of dollars when the average consumer can’t even fill his/her gas tank. In addition, they protest the fact that the oil companies lobby the United States government so they will not seek alternative energy sources. Protesters also want to know why the government is so deeply in debt and millions of Americans are out of work.
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Indians say "Unoccupy America"

The “OCCUPY WALL STREET” slogan has gone viral and international now. From the protests on the streets of WALL STREET in the name of “ending capitalism”–organizers, protestors, and activists have been encouraged to “occupy” different places that symbolize greed and power. There’s just one problem: THE UNITED STATES IS ALREADY BEING OCCUPIED. THIS IS INDIGENOUS LAND. And it’s been occupied for quite some time now.
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Un-Occupy Wall Street
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