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 How to make money in politics using Cognitive Dissonance

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Homo stupidus

Homo stupidus

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PostSubject: How to make money in politics using Cognitive Dissonance   Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:45 am


Well, the first quote is apparently fake, but the second one is real. Aren't they saying pretty much the same thing?
I would say that the first one is perhaps one of the most "real" fake news out there. In order to gain power fast, you need to preach to the most gullible people possible.

Going back to the OP.
1- Move to a Red State.
2- Join some kind of Conservative group.
3- Use the keywords/phrases:
-Illegals are rapists.
-Women that have abortion should be punished.
-If everybody had guns, mass shootings would be prevented.
-Keep Christ in Christmas.

After that, you can grab any girl's pussy that you would be fine.

It is called Cognitive Dissonance.
The ability to override logic in order to protect an issue that you deeply care.
It happens to everyone, me included.
I just try my best to see when it's happening and perhaps correct it.

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How to make money in politics using Cognitive Dissonance
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