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 How much do you cost?

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How much do you cost? Empty
PostSubject: How much do you cost?   How much do you cost? Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2016 10:50 pm

This is something that really bothers me.
Why intelligent people sell themselves out and defend things that they know are wrong?
Perhaps humans are just corrupt by nature and anyone can be bought as long as the price is right.
I really wonder if my indignation is only present because it never happened to me.
I do hate guns, but what if some gun lobbyist came to me and offered me ten million dollars to start a pro-gun campaign?
How about an “Indecent Proposal” (movie) kinda of deal? One million dollars to fuck your wife for one night.
Many poor families still trade their young daughters today for a couple of pigs and an old pick up truck.
I never watched, but I think that even here in America some “Jackass” was stapling his balls to a door just to make a stupid movie.
I believe that it is just a matter of rewards and consequences to ourselves.
You may let someone cut your pinky finger for one million of dollars, but I doubt that many people would let someone remove their eyeballs for any money, except maybe for some really wacky religious reward. I don’t even think that suicide bombers would fall for that. There is a big difference between blowing yourself in pieces and having your virgins waiting for you on the other side and living here in hell without your eyeballs after all.
Yep, I don’t know what I would do. It is very easy to say things when we are not part of the situation.
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How much do you cost?
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