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 Your Ass is Mine Now

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Lucy Fer

Lucy Fer

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Your Ass is Mine Now Empty
PostSubject: Your Ass is Mine Now   Your Ass is Mine Now Icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2016 9:24 am

Your Ass is Mine Now Kevin-james-loilb-f49beb7c-0dbd-4108-834b-8b2464ccc4fd

27 yo loser.
This dude had eye surgery, hair implants and went vegan to lose weight just to impress Christina.
Unfortunately it would be a lot better if you had spent all that money with a psychologist instead.  
See, my point is: you don’t look very hot to begin with, you would need a miracle not plastic surgery, and apparently your appearance was the least of your problems.

You lived in a fantasy world because deep inside you knew that you were a loser. At your age you should be banging your girlfriend and not fantasizing about marrying a pop singer.

You also had two guns and a hunt knife on you when you killed Christina. People like you use weapons as a way to solve your problems, because you obviously don’t feel adequate for it and you need something extra to compensate for something what you don’t have.

Honestly, the greatest accomplishment of your life was shooting yourself. I just wish you had done that sooner instead taking someone’s else life.
Rot in Hell.
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Your Ass is Mine Now
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