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 Autism is the norm

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Homo stupidus

Homo stupidus

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Autism is the norm Empty
PostSubject: Autism is the norm   Autism is the norm Icon_minitimeThu Mar 17, 2016 11:00 pm

Senator Ted Cruz comes to mind.
How come a man with such a brilliant mind (at least according to some people who know him) can hold some really fuck up points-of-view?
Now, I guy I know comes to mind.
I think that he could probably unlock the San Bernadino's iPhone in less then ten minutes, in fact I would not be surprised if he has something to do with the Apple's encryption because he works on the development of smart phones. The same guy is also a genius on classical music. Unfortunately, that's about it....I don't really know how he can keep himself alive in society....he is pretty much a retard on everything else.
It is said that Autism is a spectrum varying form mild to severe forms and I'm starting to believe that we all have it....mostly in very mild forms. That alone would not explain why reasonable intelligent people also believe in very stupid things, but I believe it should be taken in consideration.
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Autism is the norm
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