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 The Universe is a child staring at the mirror

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Homo stupidus

Homo stupidus

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PostSubject: The Universe is a child staring at the mirror   Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:03 am

This must be the end of, a rabid atheist, admiring a catholic priest. Btw, I'm protecting my butthole just in case. lol.
A few years ago, I was talking to a crazy christian and I told him the astronomy and religion were not compatible. He disagreed with me and told me that the Vatican has an observatory. At that time, I was wondering...what do they think they are looking at?
A few years later, I found this video and I actually clicked on it just to see what kind of garbage a catholic priest would be talking in order to explain the origin of life in the universe. It turned out that this priest was the director of the Vatican's observatory and I was shocked/surprised to hear what he had to say.
Here we go...
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The Universe is a child staring at the mirror
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