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 The End of the Indigo Child

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Harry Bush

Harry Bush

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PostSubject: The End of the Indigo Child   Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:36 am

Apparently they grew up, got jobs/found something better to do and move on.
Indigo Society is offline again.
GenericIndigo was plagued by spam and is offline for a while now.
Sourcenosis is still there, but in vegetative state of coma.
We're still here..OCD is a bitch, but comes in hand sometimes.
I never invited anyone to this site and I don't advertise it either. That's how I like to do business. The content is already here. If someone find us, it is most likely they were searching for it and then is up to them if they want to participate or not.
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The End of the Indigo Child
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