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 Heil Hitler

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PostSubject: Heil Hitler   Heil Hitler Icon_minitimeWed Jul 30, 2014 9:28 am

If you ask people today "who was Hitler"?, I imagine that the answer will be something like: "the essence of evil on Earth". The word "Hitler" is pretty much in the same basket with murder, rape, genocide, torture, etc.
The ironic thing is that this shit is still happening today (on small scales) and no one is going too crazy about it.
I wasn't around when Hitler was around, but how much can the history books be trusted?
Just look at the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians going on right now. Both sides calling each other murderers. It is hard for an unbiased person to take a side on a conflict going on today, much less on a conflict that happened 70 years ago.
Hitler today is portrayed as "pure evil" and that bothers me quite a bit. To me, the idea of "pure evil" or "pure good" have the smell of bias. Just ask any Tea Party member today about something good that Obama did.
Sometimes I wonder what would be in the history books if Hitler was victorious...the Jews would be the bad guys, the Nazis the saviors of the free world and this post could be in German. "Heil Hitler" could be part of our pledge of allegiance....who knows, things could be better.
I don't like the idea of killing people very much but, be waiting for people to evolve doesn't seem to be working either. Maybe humanity could use a good cleanse here and there.
Apparently Hitler saw the Jews as a big threat and that's easy to understand when you have a leader with tribal mentality. Just look at the US today. There are perhaps more Jews in the US today than in Israel and they hold many powerful key positions. Have you noticed that every US presidential candidate have to include the commitment to "defense of Israel" into their speeches? Why not other countries? Ukraine perhaps? Yep, the Jews are here and they control a good part of this country. I personally don't mind them so much, because they also have some of the brightest minds around and are not in a mission to convert people to judaism...maybe Hitler picked up the wrong people for extermination.
Interesting enough, it looks like Hitler was a vegetarian and concerned with the humane treatment of animals. (that for sure pissed off a lot of
Sadly to think that while we have scientists today working to move humanity forward (many are Jews), we still have to spend resources to deal with groups like the Boko Haram in Nigeria and ISIS in Iraq (using religion and violence to set us back thousand of years in the past).
Where is Hitler when we need him?
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Heil Hitler
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