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 Beautiful Cosmos

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PostSubject: Beautiful Cosmos   Beautiful Cosmos Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2014 10:20 pm

Nice tv series....incredible stuff for the ones with eyes, ears and a brain.
It actually gave me another perspective on things.
These are some of the highlights imo.

-The Cosmic Calendar: Compressing the history of the Universe in one year. Starting with the Big Bang on the first second of January 1st to today...on the last second of December 31st. Using that scale, humans (modern men) only appeared about 8 seconds ago.

- The Tree of Life: We all talk about how much we are related to Oliver (the humanzee), but if we go back far enough, we are also related to trees.

The empty atom: Atoms are pretty much empty space...therefore matter is pretty much composed of nothing.

-The visible universe: Interesting analogy...all of the visible universe (stars, gas clouds and galaxies) only make 5% of the when we look at the ocean at night and only see the white foam on top of the waves.

Perhaps the best of all:
We are the conscious Universe contemplating itself.
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Beautiful Cosmos
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