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 Failures + Successes = Life

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Failures + Successes = Life Empty
PostSubject: Failures + Successes = Life   Failures + Successes = Life Icon_minitimeThu Feb 06, 2014 10:26 am

I was thinking about that recently.
For many people, success equals money in the bank and that to me its just a narrow vision coming from mediocre minds, but I have difficult finding a definition that fits most individuals.
Perhaps the word "success" is fucked up to begin with...something like a meaningless temporary illusion used to judge/compare people.

Quote :
From: Merrrian-Webster
: the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame

: the correct or desired result of an attempt

: someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds"

Maybe the basic success in crude evolutionary terms would be to live long enough in order to have successfully transferred your genes to future generations...mission accomplished.

Another (more personal) way to look at it would be to imagine that life is a soccer game and we are one of the players. The game lasts approximately 80 years instead of 90 minutes. Of course, unlike soccer, we don't really know exactly how much time we have left on the clock, but as we age, we can feel the clock ticking more and more and I imagine that deep inside we have a pretty good idea if we are winning or losing the game. That could be one of the reasons why some people go through some life crisis....the clock is ticking and they feel that they are behind in the game.
Failure would not be such a big problem if we didn't have a clock ticking next to it.

Maybe one way to describe success would be "like a very personal feeling of achievement in life". Unfortunately, I don't think that many people reach that point because most of them set unrealistic goals for life and many give up along the way, but I don't mind going as far as to say that success in life is proportional to the number of goals we set (achievable of non achievable)
A person with no goals is as good as dead, boring as fuck and a waste of space. Fear of failure is actually a bad excuse, because even if we never achieve our goals, we still have plenty of stories to tell, and that's a sign that, even though you may not be rich or famous, you lived a rich life/succeed.
Sometimes even a game that you lose is a huge personal victory. "Cool Runnings" come to mind.
Quote :
The team (consisting of Devon Harris, Dudley Stokes, Michael White, and last minute replacement Nelson Stokes) debuted at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta. There they quickly became a fan favorite largely because of their status position as the ultimate 'underdog' story of the games. Not only was there the novelty of having a tropical country compete in a cold-weather sport, but they had very little practice going down a bobsled track before, and they borrowed spare sleds from other countries to compete. In a show of worldly brotherhood, other bobsledders were quick to give them guidance and support. They did not officially finish after losing control of the sled and crashing during one of their four runs. However, they showed significant improvement throughout the games and impressed observers with some fast starts.[1] This team was the inspiration for a major motion picture, Cool Runnings. The characters in the film are fictional, although the original footage of the crash is used during the film. The film's depiction of the post-crash rescue was changed to show the bobsledders carrying the sled over the line on their shoulders for dramatic effect.
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Failures + Successes = Life
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