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 Feeling Small Yet ?

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PostSubject: Feeling Small Yet ?   Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:32 am

A few years ago while trying to justify how small and full of shit we are, I used to say: "there are more planets in the universe than grains of sand in all the beaches of the world". In fact, I was being conservative, because we actually may need ten more planets like Earth with sand beaches to get close to what we think is out there.
Now I realize that all of those galaxies, stars, planets and sandy beaches only accounts for about four percent of the universe and we don't know shit about the rest. (dark matter and dark energy). This might not even be the only universe out there.
It kinda makes you wonder......WTF AM I DOING HERE???

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PostSubject: Re: Feeling Small Yet ?   Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:20 am

when I tripped on DMT, I realized just how strange of a thing this "consciousness" is, or I should say "our" consciousness, however we refer to it

the perception we have of this universe, our consciousness, imagines this thing called time, and 3 billion years ago is somewhat unfathomable given a human existence is only 70-or-so years on average.

Even a single year of one's life is hard to "grasp," per se, given that we can barely remember each individual day when regurgitating our memory. Like, hey, where were YOU mister, on the night of March 27th 2013? Huh?

now try to recall your entire life up until now.


back to my main point.

tripping on DMT altered my consciousness in such a way to make me think "god" or at least some version of "a god" was/is very much possible.

I say "god" in a way that merely denotes some being (not human) that exists, but I don't suggest that this possible god has any control nor effect on the universe, although it could very well

do you know how antiderivatives work? like in Calculus?

I don't really remember, but I look at higher dimensions like anti-derivatives. The same way as a two-dimensional cartoon character could never really fathom what the third-dimension would be like, or to live in the third-dimension, this is the same way we cannot 'really' understand what it might be like to actually BE a 4th dimensional being, or higher.

Considering that a 4th dimensional being exists, one of these beings could "watch" our whole universe unfold, reverse through, fast forward through, our entire 3 billion or so years of existence, as though it was an on-demand netflix video.

My mind experienced some weird shit during that DMT trip which made me think that this being is very possible.. and the fact that all it took was a drug to alter my consciousness, it was altered in such a weird way that makes me think that almost anything is possible.

It's like my brain is just one molecule away from going into DMT insane mode.

I find it much more of a miracle that all humans seem to exist on the same plane of consciousness, that we all agree that red is red, and that happiness is happy, and that anger is anger, and that being dead is a bad thing, etc. That doesn't seem so miraculous unless you've done DMT. Because, for example, at one point during my DMT trip, I thought I was actually the couch. Don't ask me why, or how, or how I might have reasoned that a couch could have thoughts. It was more like, took a hit of DMT, next thing you know, I melted into the couch I was sitting in, and all of a sudden "oh shit, I'm a couch." That's just one of the things that happened. I may have written about it before.

But, we take this "reality" for granted, because we default wake up to it every time we wake up. We open our eyes, when we curl our toes, they curl. Did you ever think maybe you open your eyes, and your someone else? something else?

Alice in Wonderland is like describing an extremely mild DMT trip.
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PostSubject: Re: Feeling Small Yet ?   Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:07 pm

At one time (14-15 yo), I went to one of these Christian camps (my parents force me to go) and we were divided in groups and we were told to draw a rocket on a piece of paper. I was the "nerd" rocket specialist of the group and I told them: Let me do it. (I was also trying to impress the girl next to me...I wouldn't mind going to church every day just to see her)...anyway, my rocket would probably be able to take off from the paper, but it was taking time to draw. The leader of the group stopped me and told me: No, make it simple, the rocket is just for illustrate a point and you will never finish. If there was something that I learned in that Christian Camp and I still use today is that: Sometimes we never get things done because we complicate things too much.
You are correct, we jump dimensions with calculus. The integral/ antiderivative of a "two dimensional" circle varying from 0-360 degrees is a hollow "three dimensional" sphere, or some kind of "tube" if you vary the circle along a linear equation. We cannot grasp in our mind higher dimensions, but they are mathematically possible. On the other hand, we are "three dimensional" beings aware of other "three dimensional" beings and three dimensional things. We are also aware of "one/two dimensional things", but not aware of other "one/two dimensional" beings... Perhaps "being" is a three dimensional thing.
You are also correct about our perception of time and space. People have no clue. I have no clue about what 3 billion of years are, neither how far is a galaxy that we see today, but that image left there when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I have a pretty good idea about how far my couch is from my TV, and thanks to the remote control I no longer need to travel that far.
I'm apparently the only person that never used drugs on this planet, but I believe that they alter the state of your brain, we could say "malfunction" (not always a bad thing) ...generating feelings and illusions that are not really is a different reality/level of consciousness, but not the real one.  
Anyway, a lot of this multi-dimensional, multi-universe, drug induced consciousness thing is like the "rocket on the paper"...despite being nice to speculate/study and talk about, it complicate things in our heads preventing us to find the simple purpose for life, after all I'm still here and I'm not you and red is red.

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PostSubject: Re: Feeling Small Yet ?   

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Feeling Small Yet ?
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