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 I really enjoy being a waiter/server in a restaurant

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PostSubject: I really enjoy being a waiter/server in a restaurant   Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:29 pm

Well first of all, on the one hand, I hate it.

Lets just get that one out of the way.

I hate it for all the reasons you'd think I'd hate it: the rude, demanding customers who think I'm a "servant" and not a server; the control freak OCD anger repressed managers; the incompetent lazy coworkers; the minimal wage pay... The list could go on.

But, as I always say-- everyone's got to dig a ditch. Work is, indeed, work.

And, until I can enjoy life earning money as a comedy writer, waiting tables will have to do.

In a weird sick way, I think I enjoy this shit. More than other people do at least.

Being a server has improved my weakest skills, namely, my ability to multitask. I've learned not only how to smile, but to smile for 6 hours straight even when I'm not happy. I've learned how to relax in the middle of a stressful environment. I've sharpened and honed my people skills. I can, through my sheer charisma, MAKE a party-of-foe have a good time. A big genuine smile goes a long way, even if that smile is fake as fuck.

I've learned "real-time efficiency," as I call it. The ability to be efficient in the moment is very different from planning it out on paper.

My creativity is not being utilized by management, yet. However, like a shark waiting idly by for its prey to relax, I am waiting for the right moment to unleash my massive potential. I've got a million ideas for the new restaurant I work at. I know how to pack that place for lunch. I know marketing. I know how to draw a crowd. D I love the restaurant industry? Not really. But, I love a chance to show off my skills. I live every day being a new day, new people, brand new shit to shovel.

This big party had a birthday cake. They wanted something to serve the cake with. Since we are a Korean all I can eat BBQ place, we don't really have cake-serving supplies handy. I asked the manager, he couldnt think of anything. I just gave them a butter knife and a flat white-rice scooper to sere the cake. Problem solved. Ill attribute that to my creativity ad quick thinking. Everyone else kind of just stood around looking dumb. I saw the white rice scooper and just thought "hey that'll do." Anyways, time to stop patting myself on the back and study.

I'm studying to become a personal trainer, lol. I ordere my CPT (certified personal trainer) materials online a month ago but haven't cracked open the book yet.

It was an impulse buy. Like, heyyy, why not!?
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PostSubject: Re: I really enjoy being a waiter/server in a restaurant   Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:55 pm

Funny, I had a job like that when I was 30. I worked at one private island development for very rich people. (Fisher Island) I was part of one of the landscape crews and my job was to plant grass and flowers around the island. I had to take two buses and a ferry to get there and I was getting minimum wage. I actually had a lot of fun at that job. The crew leader was from Puerto Rico and had only two teeth in his mouth. One of the guys was actually a fucked up drunk Cuban doctor. We used to joke and laugh all the time and the Cuban doctor actually only worked about fifteen minutes a day...only when the boss was around. Our crew of five used to do the work that one guy would do in one was pathetically funny. I was pretty much the only one doing the work and my co-workers kept telling me: easy, go I didn't mind getting with the program because the big boss was an asshole that only knew how to scream at us when he was around. Apparently we worked to piss him off more than anything else. We always had one watching for the boss and started working when he was coming, but as soon as he left the shovels dropped to the ground and was laughing time.
I also worked at one Italian restaurant owned by a Turkish guy...the only Italian thing at that restaurant was the name. I was the delivery guy and dishwasher sometimes (I hated that). I also had a good time at that job, always joking and laughing.
I always knew that those jobs were temporary and they served a purpose. Today I have my own insane business, no laughing there. It is a little monster that I created and now it time for me to simplify it. I still love the challenge, but I'm getting tired of dealing with people in general, specially some idiots that I have to deal with.

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I really enjoy being a waiter/server in a restaurant
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