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PostSubject: Freedom   Freedom Icon_minitimeWed Apr 03, 2013 11:42 pm

We love to talk about freedom over here, unfortunately most people are just too stupid to even understand what freedom is.
I perhaps have enough knowledge about freedom because I realize that we actually have very little. The level of brainwashing in America is very high, and when you do/consume what you were told to do, just because someone is controlling you and is profiting from it, you have no freedom....yep, we are like the batteries in the Matrix Movie and no way to unplug.
I enjoy relatively more freedom than most people, but it feels like no freedom at the same time. I do what I like, I have no boss, I wake up whenever I feel like (most of the time) and I have some control on how much money I make, but still....I can lose a lot overnight and it doesn't take much. Of course, someone may say: than is better not to have anything...sure, but them you can't do anything either.
When I was 16 and still deciding what to do with my life, I was thinking about what could I have that it could not be stolen or taken away from me, and the answer was MYSELF.....not such a bad investment. lol.

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PostSubject: Re: Freedom   Freedom Icon_minitimeThu Apr 04, 2013 3:08 am

Exactly, very very nice post. Freedom is an illusion in today's world. Batteries for the matrix, absolutely...if you think baout it, we spend most of our lives working to make money most spend it on bullshit they dont really need, like gadgets, fancy clothes, big cars as subsituttes for their small dick etc etc...the system tempts us to take loans then we have to pay them back...with interest.
My mother-in-law said it all in a few words, even if she didn't go to school, she possess the wisdom of Life. She said "i pity you modern folks...we may lead a hard life here at the village, but we didn't know what stress was, we didn't have clocks or internet. Now i see young people sitting in front of a screen most of their time. We lived our lives being one with nature, and although a hard life, i wouldn't trade it with this false modern world"
It's her point of view of course...but she's right in many things. In the end, it comes down to a simple equation, add the moments of a day we feel relaxed, calm, happy, content, safe...and add the rest...the time when we're stressed as fuck, pay bills, worry about our appearance because every fucker on TV looks so perfect etc etc...
Yes, our self is the greatest investment...
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