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 Orbs: Intelligent Creatures

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PostSubject: Orbs: Intelligent Creatures   Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:43 pm

I've been talking with my younger brother extensively, which he has turned eighteen recently. Around the time when I turned eighteen, I started experiencing abnormalities so I'm thinking we mutually carry some sort of genetic marker. I was informed that he has been having precognitive manifestations and seeing orbs of light in the color of yellow, orange, red, and white. Sometimes, they are a mix of colors. Personally, I've never seen orbs. He said they move around to certain objects and then disappear.

What he decided to do was record them. He told it or them that he was going to record because he wanted to satisfy his curiosity. In a closet, he setup a camera to record and left it there for one hour. He came back and found the camera turned off. The camera didn't go dead, but instead the button had been moved from record to picture by something. He felt that the orb did it and wanted him to take pictures. So, he took pictures.

The following picture is the best one he got, which it is very interesting:

At the top of the picture there are translucent-like orbs, which they look uniform. In the middle is a yellow, orange, reddish color orb, which are what he has been seeing. The white light below the middle orb looks like possible light being reflected off a piece of metal from the flash. Well, that white light isn't reflecting off of anything. There is nothing there to reflect light, so the white light is something else like the orbs.

I don't know what they are, but they appear to be very intelligent. It looks like energy makes them manifest, such as strong emotional energy etc.. Possibly, they feed on the energy.

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Orbs: Intelligent Creatures
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