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 Jakten for De Som er Usett

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PostSubject: Jakten for De Som er Usett   Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:00 am

Jakten for De Som er Usett - The Hunt for Those That are Unseen

namaste to you my friends
Åndtur med deg alltid - Spirit walk with you always

It has come to my attention in the past bit that there is a growing situation that makes me believe it is best to share this with you all
and start an open spot to discuss methods and research pertaining to Unseen and Unmaker
you may know these by a multitude of names, and none are inaccurate or wrong
but I would explain a few things here to cleanse the way forward for all of us

Unseen are denizens of the Ether
this is a broad term for numerous beings
from Little Folk - i.e. gnomes, Nissae, etc
to other mythical beings that walk Between
these are not the Spirits of the dead, though I have heard that the Dead may choose to become Unseen for a time
this is not the same thing as left over psychic imprint on a place or a thing, formless energy that lingers from strong emotion
and it is not the same as Unmaker
Unseen are much more common, and typically they are benign if not well-intentioned
some are cultures developed to sophistication beyond even our own, the Fey and the Fae
Gnomkin, Nissae, etc.
others are more like insects, they are hive like and simply search out food
these I do not know a name for, they are often mistaken for ghosts, diseases, or evil spirits
and this is not the case
they are not "evil", for this is a HUMAN value
they simply wish to exist, much like anything, but unlike animals or insects they do not have a vessel with which to do so
they are Ether born and typically stay in the Sphere of the Spirit
though, sometimes, they can breach the Veils and come here

when they do so, they often find themselves in a situation that requires them to become somewhat feral
they must hunt and they must feed to survive
so they will seek out the weak, the sick, those with maladies
and they will form a bond with them
sometimes consciously, sometimes not so
the host will usually persist in behavior that becomes ever deeper and more extreme
for the Unseen will encourage behavior that elicits food
which, in this case, is raw emotional energy

Fear, pain, lust, love, happiness, sorrow, anger
all are distinct flavors and all have Unseen that would love to consume them
unfortunately, it is far easier to induce fear and pain or anger and sorrow than it is to induce happiness when you have no flesh to work with
and so, often, the Unseen will find those that have much of these and will whip them to a frenzy of it
driving them sometimes mad

Worse is when an Unseen takes a darker route

I do not know how or why this happens, or what is the catalyst
but some Unseen begin to grow so strong and so full of ego
that they decide to turn on the host, and try to take for themselves the flesh vessel
these are, in essence, Unseen that are working against the warp and weft of the Multiverse
and they become Unmaker
they are insane, blood thirsty, destructors.....they no longer function with the Algorithm
but seek only to destroy and harm, to un-make all things
if they are left to root, they will take hold of a body...and they will do much harm
they are brutal, they take joy in obscenity and butchery
one of their calling cards is decapitation, for some reason (I think it has to do with the brain being the "flesh seat" of the Soul and consciousness) they covet heads
and they delight in mutilation
they typically prefer edged weapons, because they induce fear and they make a larger mess
remember, they do not want death....that is too cheap
they want to Unmake.., destroy, to force fear and panic so deep that it withers the soul
typically, they are said to make odd a baby cry or a whining, keening sound....gurgling
the ones I have run across have a sickly sweet smell, astringent and poisonous smelling
they are, fortunately, not common
and have been mistaken most often for Demons or Darker Entities

there appears to be a rise of encounters with both Unseen and Unmaker occurring of late
so, I will share a few things I know that are effective against both
salt is a good weapon.....sea salt or kosher salt
salt is a cleanser and works well against things of the Ether
Sage smudging is good, as is smudging with other herbs......sweetgrass, etc
water is a good thing, water from a pure spring or river double so
copper and silver conduct electricity well, and they also channel spiritual energy well
crystals of course, stones....quartz, carnelian, aragonite are some of my personal favorits

I know of methods to remove rooted Unseen
some are easy, some are not so
Unmakers are much more difficult to deal with
and caution must be observed, for they are not to be underestimated

if you have questions or wish to discuss anything pertaining to these things I am more than open to the dialogue

adumbrae et lumis otium

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
In lak’ech Ala Kin’
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Idle Thoughts

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PostSubject: Re: Jakten for De Som er Usett   Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:26 pm

Well this is the first one I really ran across some of you I have already discussed it with at great length but any additional ideas I am willing to listen too.

Last Sunday I was down at a place I occassional frequent a shop at the Malaga Markets in perth.

Anyway a lady came in and she was crying for approx 90 mins. I let the shop owner deal with her, talk to her and try and console her. Then after she seemed to have settled down she was talking about her dog that had died 3 years ago (I posted the pic in here under the ghost topic) and she was still missing him. Anyway when I took a photo of it with my Iphone, she kept saying that whenever she developed the original negative, it either came out blank or the other images in the negative (spirity images) never appeared. She has also had other try taking photos of the original picture but the images always come out blank. I decided to try it and out came the photo everything was there including a couple of new images not showing on the original photo. Anyway you can read the other thread if you wish or comment on.

After the photo was taken ... I sent her the images to her phone and set it up as a background for her phone (not that that matters) Then she started to mention things about what was happening in her house some type of paranormal activity.

Also she mentioned that she has an entity attached to her. That sort of caught everyones attention especially mine. Anyway Jitzi asked me to do some work as she was dealing with clients. I did see a black sort of apparition on here and managed to do some energy work and was managing (well I believe I was) to remove the entity, well loosen its grip she became very agitated and was restless and was getting scared as the entity was being slowly released. I stop after 20 mins because it was rather difficult, also she kept on getting worse, i thought for her maybe I should stop. Anyway Jitzi gave her some water (jitzi has a scalar water container that when water is placed in it is charges the water ... if no one believes me then they are more than welcome to come with me so they can have a taste test) and the lady began to act like she was about to vomit ... I moved out of range). Also when the energy work began her voice changed slightly to a more rapsy voice and she was saying some profanity. She also kept on telling us if we kept doing this she would pay for it when she left. The lady kept on trying to get up but Jitzi kept pushing her down gently. Anyway after a bit more work, we let her leave because she was very frantic and for her benefit. One of the other ladies left with her to guide her to her car. Before she left she said after we did all the work she heard in her head the entity saying "Do you really think one cleansing is really going to help". So I believe this entities downfall will be its overconfidence.

She also told us she was diagnosed as Bipolar ... dont know if that has anything to do with it or not. But she also relayed a dream of it when she faced it and she told it too do their best and she awoken with strangle marks on her neck, from that point on she has done what it has wanted her to do.

It could be a mental condition but I dont think so from what I observed and felt.

Anyway I have been doing some more work directly on the entity and what I keep seeing is that the entity has another entity sort of controlling. I dont know if this is normal but I believe the main one is the one that needs to be targetted. I have been targetting the other one. According to 3 other people it has weakened so also using a bit of energy work I have managed I believe to set it up so that the actual energy from this entity is put back in the woman but into a transmutted form of energy so literally the entity is feeding off it owns energy whilst replenishing the ladies energy.

The weird thing is when working on the entity I saw this woman on a cross with her head bent down with dishevlled hair and sobbing, on the point of either severe mental breakdown or possible death. So I know that this entity whether it is self created or maybe a true entity is really got its claws into her.

So any ideas would be good.

I am looking into something Timber has said and a couple of other people.

I am working on the entity, first time was yesterday. But I am also looking into Black Salt (hemalite).

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Jakten for De Som er Usett
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